Monday, January 16, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

Or, what I think of trends and what I want to see more of.

Before I looked at writing as a business, I was only a reader. YA wasn't what it is now with endless books and beautiful covers. It was this tiny shelf on the library mostly covered with Animorphs, Nancy Drew and The Babysitter's Club. It seemed like overnight Young Adult because this massive life force and one of the biggest sellers in the market. All of a sudden everyone starts thinking of trends. It is a big giant TREND crazy train. Vampires, werewolves, were-unicorns, zombies, witches, bears, monkeys with infectious diseases taking over the planet, mermaids, steampunk.

We put so much effort in finding the next trend that we forget to write the stories we love. In my unprofessional and nobody-asked-me opinion, trends should kiss my sparkling mermaid ass. For writers who want to get published so bad it keeps them awake at night, this is the best way to make a career. Write what you love and it'll show in your story. Don't keep chasing trends. Make your story new and give it your own personal brand of awesome.

That being said, there are some things I would like to see more in YA in general. Not as a trend, but as an underrepresented group. And I will do it using images and let you all come up with the answers to my twisted brain.

trendless like, 



  1. Very cool post, Zoraida! I agree people shouldn't chase trends. But I would love to see some YA westerns & we definitely need some more multicultural characters in YA lit.

  2. I agree that books should celebrate our multicultural heritage. I had two girls in the middle school library the other day, and I know one of them really loves scary stuff, so I showed her POSSESS by Gretchen McNeil (they both wanted it!) After they left, it occurred to me that the M/C in POSSESS is Chinese/Caucasian, and so is the girl who checked it out.

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