Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Most Anticipated...Blank

Happy New Year, peoples!

We're talking about junk we anticipate in so...

Comment, or the puppy gets it!


Danny Marks (that's him over there and up there) is the author of the upcoming YA debut, Velveteen (not pictured because it doesn't have a cover, though he's seen one and it's driving him to the mental ward that he can't show it to you yet) which comes out in the fall of 2012.

He's currently reading THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME by Donald Ray Pollock, and listening to CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins.


  1. Bowel movements? Seriously, Danny? I try not to think about that let alone discuss it in a youtube video!

    My most anticipated blank is my launch date (June 12), and The Hunger Games movie, and winning the lottery. I've got an actual strategy this year.

  2. I should hope you make a lot of bowel movements. Otherwise, bad things happen.

    I'm not a dog person. But that puppy just made me go ZOMGNGLHSKLJHDIUEWHR!!!!