Thursday, January 12, 2012

For Love of Fans

So this week's topic is THE FUTURE OF YA. Seriously. All in caps. Very intimidating. It's like when you're in high school and someone asks what you plan to do after graduation.

And I guess the logical thing would be to talk about trends but, honestly, I'm a bit rubbish at them (if I followed trends, I probably wouldn't have written a werewolf book when I did).

Instead, I thought I'd share two of my hopes for the future of YA--not in terms of trends or markets but in terms of fan engagement and appreciation.

More bonus material for fans. I love that authors like Myra McEntire and Cassandra Clare post bonus scenes for fans and I think it's something we'll see more and more of--especially from authors whose work lends itself to fandom. As the popularity of ebooks continues to grow, I think we'll also see an increase in books with bonus content built right in.

More attention to fan art. While not every book will have fans who create art inspired by its story and characters, I think it's great for authors to acknowledge that level of dedication when it does exist. I positively love it when I see authors tweet pics of fan art (Cassandra Clare is amazing at this) and I'm eagerly awaiting the results of fellow Apocalypsie K.M. Walton's CRACKED trailer contest. Seriously, guys, there are readers out there who love certain books so much that they create fanvids for them. How incredible is that? I am continuously awed by how amazing readers are.


As a teenager,Kathleen wanted to marry George Lucas in order to gain full access to Skywalker Ranch. Her first website was a Sailor Moon shrine. She is one of only ten people who taped the 1997 Doctor Who movie. Her debut, HEMLOCK, will be published by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, on May 8, 2012. Visit her website at

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