Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Messy Desk

TBH, my writing room is pretty dull. The most interesting thing in it is the wall where the whiteboards live, and that's the one part of the room I CAN'T show you (given that you'd see most of book two drawn out in red and blue dry erase marker).

Soooo... In lieu of having any other ideas, I took a few pictures of my desk.

This is my desk. It is not glamorous, but it is, nevertheless, where I spend a crazy amount of time.


Kathleen Peacock is a semi-reformed vampire addict and unapologetic geek who has taken to writing about werewolves and who wants to marry the Wizard Howl. Her debut, HEMLOCK, will be published by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, on May 8, 2012. Visit her website at


  1. I like! And I love the white board idea. . . hmmmm.

  2. That's what I need ... a computer without internet access!! Thank you for the idea!

  3. hahah you know what! you might be talking some sense!! theres a contest by contest factory for the messiest desk or cubicle and all you have to do is make a video. Would be a funny add to this blog!Go to to enter for free or see this youtube link