Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laura Ellen's New Year Writing Resolutions

I haven't quite figured out how to juggle everything in my life and write too. I used to think I was really good at it, back before I had an agent and an editor and a book about to be published. That's because back then, I only had myself to answer to in my writing life; I could make up my own deadlines and adjust them when stuff came up with the kids or the house or whatever. Back then, no matter what, I always found time to write.

But now I have an agent, an editor, group blogs, my website, marketing, book edits, blog tours, and so on -- each with their own deadlines and commitments. I find it harder to adjust these deadlines and commitments when things come up (and they ALWAYS come up!) and I end up juggling stuff around to accommodate everything EXCEPT my actual writing -- which creates stress and chaos because I LOVE writing and that truly is my 'real' job, right?  I vow to change things in 2012. Here are my 2012 writing resolutions:

1) SCHEDULE EVERYTHING!!! A big part of my problem is that I don't always have a plan when I get up, but I know all too well what has to be done -- which gets overwhelming and . . .  I end up on the couch eating leftover pizza and watching Law & Order SVU marathons instead of at the computer writing.

2) On that schedule, I will commit to writing at least one hour every day on my Work In Progress.

3) When I pencil in all my critique group meetings and my group blog posting dates, I will also pencil in dates for my blog/website posts. I have a tendency to make sure my commitments to everyone else are filled and I neglect mine, so pretending I am someone else may help :)

4) Get on the treadmill every day no matter what!! -- I always end up choosing between working out or my WIP, but when I work out, I think about my WIP which then motivates me to write. So I need to make them both part of my schedule every day rather than an either/or.

5) Schedule the house work for the weekends! All those people with office jobs don't duck out on their bosses to head home and do the laundry, why should I?

5) Load the fridge with quick HEALTHY snacks so that when I leave the computer like a zombie to go search for food, I am fueling up with the 'good' stuff  rather than the not-so-good-for-me good stuff :)

6) And my last resolution for 2012? Don't beat myself up when something doesn't get done. Being a Mom and a wife and a writer is a hard gig -- if I drop the ball, it is OKAY!

Happy New Year!

What if a classmate went missing right after you fought with her at a party and she was later found dead? What if you couldn't remember anything after that fight? Not even how you got home? Would you tell the police the truth? Or would you lie about what you remember until you could find out what really happened that night?

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  1. A PLAN! I think we're all going to be trying to get on board with this one in 2012. Think big, people. Think big.

    P.S. I still have my New Year's Resolution that I wrote last year. It's taped to my fridge. It says: "Resolved. This is the year I finally sell a book."

  2. I'm going to adopt these myself!

    (and is there nothing I can do to convince you to turn off word verification so I can start commenting on this blog again? Top 3 Things Well-Meaning Bloggers Do That Drive Readers Nuts)