Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Geek Out for Christmas

I could tell you my top ten books to give this holiday season, but I'm going to throw this out there instead--anyone have other WRITERS to buy for? Aspiring, published, prepublished, starry-eyed teen?

Even the obsessive reader!

These people probably have already burned through all the books they want to read--or at least, they already have them loaded up on their Kindle. So sometimes you can't buy them books, because they've beaten you to the punch.

This list is for YOU.

1. Free Stuff from Giveaways
Writers love stuff from other writers. It's inspiring and fun--because authors, probably more than readers, love to geek out. To this end, BETH REVIS is having a crazy massive giveaway on her blog (to the tune of 200 gifts to give away!)

2. Awesome Things Going on in the Writers Community
Like Don't Forget to be Awesome (CDs! TShirts! Awesomeness!) and YA Saves

3. Support Really Cool Organizations
For example, Artists for Humanity (I've been doing workshops with my local Boston branch) is an organization that gives young artists a stipend and a space to work and in turn teaches them entrepreneurial skills. I just bought a bunch of their tshirts for Christmas presents--it's original and a cool story! Another great one is Girls Write Now--I know writers that, rather than accepting gifts, ask for donations to be made to organizations like this one (here's the Class of 2k12's donation page).

4. Go Indie
I'm SUCH a big fan of Indiebound--while you're looking up your local indie to buy your favorite books from (yay, local economy! yay, supporting handsellers that LOVE books!)--you can now get a tshirt and other gear to proclaim your awesomeness to the world.

So...you know...if anyone wants to get ME a present....any of those will do.

Just sayin'.

Happy Holidays!


ps--if you REALLY want book recommendations, check this out.

AC Gaughen is the author of Scarlet, a retelling of the Robin Hood legend that reimagines Will Scarlet as a butt-kicking girl. Check it out February 14th, 2012 from Bloomsbury|Walker. Or just come visit her website. Or come stalk her on Twitter.

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  1. Awesome suggestions, and thanks for posting the links!! I hope Santa brings you everything on this list :))