Saturday, December 17, 2011

my super awesome Holiday Gift Guide!

Or, last minute presents we can all enjoy. 

1. For the Jane Austen lover. It's subtle but still shows a serious sense of pride. Get it? 

2. For the writer with all the darkness. Also, because there is not enough Edgar in the world.

3. For the aspiring writer. I think this is the Australian cover? I like it better than the US one. Still, the stuff inside is what matters and seriously changed my life. 

4. For the playful writer. #$%*(() Aww how cute. 

5. For your lush writer. Ahem. Really, I'm the worst influence you'll ever have. 

6. Because you've always wanted to try absinthe-something, but don't want the hallucinogenic part of it.

7. For your gentleman writer. And by gentleman, I mean me. I love this stuff. Really, I'm a dirty old white man on the inside. 

8. For  the writer who wants to take a step back and jot down some notes. 

9. For the write who loves banned books! 

and finally, but actually because I have to go to sleep: 

10. For the writer you joke with. Half man, half pillow. And also, because you've always wanted to sit on Edward's face. 

Merry Christmas! 


  1. Zoraida, these are the coolest. I'm seriously thinking about buying myself that Banned Books bracelet--fantastic!

  2. Ewwwww. But the bracelet, that's a strong possibility.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Yes I love your cover to your book and the synopsis. Cant wait to read it when it comes out. (soo far away!!!) Never wanted to sit on Edwards face (jacob...maybe) but I love all these gifts!!!