Thursday, December 29, 2011

Danny's Writing Resolutions O' Doom!

Man, it feels like forever since I've posted here, but then I think back over the holidays and they're really just a blur. Much like this video I've prepared for your viewing displeasure!

So yeah, what?


Daniel Marks is currently dancing with tears in his eyes. When he's not hammering out schlock on his Macbook, he's curled up in a corner rocking some comfort into his ailing frame.

Oh the sadness.

Comments help!


  1. Aw, like your new author pic! Did that dog remain uneaten? ;-)

  2. I'm afraid not. But I've been coughing up hairballs ever since.

  3. The heck with revisions - we want Velveteen now. And this picture is the perfect author shot. No, really. As long as nobody calls ASPCA.