Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stupid Excited

You know what, one of the really fun things about being an YA author--and what initially made me want to be a YA reader--is the sense of fun. Excitement. Possibility. The world is grand and limitless and bound only by the parameters of your imagination.

And now on the author side of it, it's even cooler to see people get stupid excited because it means that one day, maybe a small, infinitesimal sliver of that excitement might get diverted to me.

I went to every Harry Potter midnight party (I think they started around me for book three or four). I've stood by in mild jealousy as someone tackle hugged John Green. And I am flippin' the BLEEP out for the Hunger Games movie. Because yes, I flipped out for the books first. But seriously, this trailer makes my heart pound and my eyes well up (at different points, of course). The best part is?

I BELIEVE it. I totally believe that is Katniss, that is the world of Panem and District 13. I both remember the secrets and I'm desperate to uncover them again. And yes, I already have that song at the end as my phone ringtone.

Whatever. Don't act like you don't.

...Oh, you don't? Well, don't judge then.

I just think this energy is electric, and I love that it surrounds a book. How cool is that? When reading isn't just a hobby, it's a sensation. When literature can light you on fire just as dynamically as Katniss' costume. Really, is this not what we as writers, and especially we as readers, LIVE for?

Come on, guys. Say it with me.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

What are your thoughts on the hype? On the trailer? The books in general?


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  1. I so agree about book sensations. The trailer was incredibly well done and gave me a sense of confidence that this movie is going to be done right. Harry Potter. Twilight. And now The Hunger Games!