Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Live Query Critique!

From Tuesday November 29th to December 5th we will be doing live query critiques a-la Miss Snark. SEVEN query letter chosen at random will be workshopped by The Nighstand members.

As of now we are taking query submissions to the following e-mail address: 

Here are some ground rules: 

* One submission per person
* Include your name and address. We will not reveal it on the blog at all. This is precautionary to keep one submission per person. 
* All submissions must be sent in by wednesday November 23rd

Why are we doing this? 
Because not long ago we were in the same position, scrambling to write the perfect query letter. Some of us might have more help than others. So spread the word! 

Below is a tweet you can copy and paste!

@thenightstand hosts live query critique! Visit and submit! Please RT #novels #writers #queryletters

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