Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Whovian Halloween

Three years ago, I sneakily used Halloween to hook a friend on Doctor Who. I sent her a short clip of a creepy abandoned house and menacing stone statues and then, the second she expressed interest, I showed up on her doorstep with the episode on DVD.

So when I was scrambling for a topic for today's blog post, I thought it'd be great to share my top three episodes for a truly Whovian Halloween.

(Note: I stuck to the new series. If you're super keen and want a classic Who Halloween, I'd recommend Ghost Light.)

1) "Blink" (Season Three, 10th Doctor)
Blink is the perfect creepy episode. You've got an abandoned house, mysterious disappearances, evil statues, and cryptic messages from the past. The episode is about as close to standalone as you can get so you can follow it even if you've never seen another episode.

2) "Midnight" (Season Four, 10th Doctor)
A small group of strangers trapped in a confined space and a monster that can't be seen but can somehow possess people and steal their voices. I think the scariest thing about this episode is how very frightened the Doctor is and how completely he loses control.

3) "The Doctor's Wife" (Season Six, 11th Doctor)
Because I'm pretty sure every female fan watching did, at least once, wonder if they could somehow cosplay Idris (or at least dress like her for Halloween). Plus, the episode was written by Neil Gaiman. You like Neil, don't you?

Honorable Mention, Torchwood's "Countrycide"
It became apparent early in the first season of Torchwood that it was a much darker show than Doctor Who. Never was that more obvious in that first season than "Countrycide." 17 people have gone missing in a remote area. When the Torchwood team arrives to investigate, they find... cannibals! Really scary, unrepentant cannibals.


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  1. Oh, a Doctor Who post! :D
    Blink is an awesome episode; the weeping angels sure are spooky foes. I'd also recommend The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone from season five of New!Who.

  2. Oh my God, I love the episode Blink. How scary are those freakin' angels? They're my favorite Who villains. I cannot wait until the season picks back up again in December. I have Who withdrawal!