Monday, October 10, 2011

Haunted Houses

Most of the time, Halloween costumes in my household were not particularly scary (they were usually random pop culture references, like the "Mac Tonight" Moon or a giant Rubik's cube I remember my parents painstakingly covering with multicolored stickers) but we got our macabre on during the rest of the year. Even well after candy corn season passed, my sisters and I (and whatever friends were around) used to make "haunted houses" in our basement. The best part was coming up with the design—we'd spend the better part of an afternoon making ghosts out of Kleenex, stringing up rubber bats and tarantulas, painting our faces to look sufficiently ghoulish. There would be some hard-boiled eggs or peeled grapes that would feel just like eyeballs and other combinations of household goop that we'd make our hapless guests touch. And always, always, a tour guide with a flashlight under the chin for mega-spookiness.

Problem was, the haunted house never ended up being as scary as I wanted to be. I felt constrained by our lack of special effects. There was no good way to replicate the Disney World Haunted Mansion's stretching paintings, for instance. And most of the time one of us would crack up before we could jump out of the darkness to truly freak anyone out. Either that or someone would end up crying. But it was all good morbid fun.

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  1. This sounds so fun and twisted, even if your "haunted house" never lived up to your expectations. Is that photo actually of your basement?

  2. I promise I would be scared if I came to your haunted house!!