Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Therapy

The scariest thing coming my way this month? Having to come up with a Halloween post.

Yes, I know you love Halloween. Everyone seems to. Frankly, it’s never been my cup of tea. To me, Halloween equals Public Humiliation.

Maybe it’s because it can’t help but conjure up so many mortifying memories--like in 7th grade when I came to school as Raggedy Ann (complete with red yarn wig), while everyone else had "matured" to dressing up as Grim Reapers, Jason, and Carrie after the prom.

Or maybe 8th grade, when I set out to win the costume contest as a giant can of Campbell’s Tomato soup, but tipped over and rolled across the stage.

Or maybe 9th grade when I stayed home from Trick-or-Treating, and my mom made me pass out “treats” to all the cool kids who came to our door. It didn’t help that that was the year Mom decided to support good dental hygiene and offer Trident sugarless gum. “Cinnamon flavor,” she said, “because it’s scarier.”

Or maybe in college when I got sick on my Statue of Liberty robes and won the costume contest for going so far as to replicate pidgeon poo on the statue.

Or maybe it was last year when my best friend posted a video of me singing karaoke as Toonces the Driving Cat (from SNL circa 1990). If you Facebook friend me, you can see it in my videos.

So maybe this post will be good for me. It’s probably time I embraced my most embarrassing moments.

Call it Halloween therapy.


Anne Greenwood Brown


A revenge/love story about murderous mermaids on Lake Superior

Random House/Delacorte, June 12, 2012


  1. I dressed up as a Goth one year and since then any time I wear anything black (blue jeans, white sneakers & a black pullover), my parents think I'm a Goth :-)

    I hope you'll be able to embrace Halloween one day. I'm not really doing anything this year, but it's still one of my favourite occasions. Maybe you could go as a murderous mermaid. The idea just popped into my head :-)

    Safari Poet

  2. Seriously thought about it, Petra. I'm sure nothing embarrassing could ever come from wearing THAT costume...

  3. *hugs* Are you dressing up this year?

  4. I think a group of us are going as various insurance company personalities: Flo, Mayhem,... I think I'm the Geico gecko. Go figure.

  5. Don't forget the Aussie accent, and we want pictures!

  6. No doubt someone will get it on film...