Sunday, September 11, 2011

July 11, 1975: The First Time I Knew I Wanted to be an Author

As soon as I entered first grade, my mom stopped reading bedtime stories and passed the baton to me. After that, I read to my sister at night, doingall the different voices, skipping pages when I knew she was starting to fade. Oh, I’d learned all my mom’s tricks.

When she fell asleep I pulled out my own two favorites: Miss Twiggley’s Tree (by Dorothea WarrenFox) about a shy old lady who lived in a tree and saved herneighbors from a flood, and Bunya the Witch (by Mary Ellen Mittelstaedt) about a misunderstood old lady who was teased by the town children (“Bunya, Bunyayou’re a witch. Bunya, Bunya dig a ditch.”) It wasn’t long before I was itching towrite my own new favorite book.

I hit it big, right out of the chute, with a real nail biter about an old lady named Agatha the Witch who helped a lost little boy. Clearly I was inspired. I mean talk about conflict and emotional arcs...

My dad made 20 copies on his office copy machine, staple bound them, and I proceeded to hock my wares up and down the street. Even back then, so much of the marketing fell to the author.

I sold one copy to my piano teacher for ten cents, and I was hooked!

Anne Greenwood Brown is the author of LIES BENEATH, a revenge/love story about murderous mermaids on Lake Superior.

(Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Books. June 2012.)


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  2. Wow, The Secret Path has everything I'd want in a story: mystery, suspense and a happy ending that leaves room to wonder what might happen in the future. Your dad sounds great!
    I just added Lies Beneath on Goodreads. I'm looking froward to hearing more about it.