Thursday, September 22, 2011

Interviews, Hemlock Style

This week’s task for the Nightstand was to interview one of your characters. I was all set to do that—I swear I was—but it occurred to me that it might be more fun to interview people about my characters.

Hemlock revolves around three friends all trying to come to grips with the death of one girl: Amy.

Mac, the protagonist, was Amy’s best friend. She’s resilient and a little bit jaded. She tries to protect the people she cares about—even when they don’t want or deserve it.

Jason was Amy’s boyfriend and can probably be summed up with the words “sexy” and “train wreck.”

Kyle is Jason’s best friend. He’s quiet and serious and he doesn’t back down.

The book was still barely a glimmer in my eye when pals and fellow writers Jamie Blair and Laurie Devore were kind enough to beta read an early (we’re talking prehistoric) draft*.

Almost immediately, Laurie proclaimed herself “The Original Jason Fangirl” while Jamie started sending me comments like “HATE HIM! GRRR!” when Jason was being, well, Jason. Given their awesome (and entertaining) reactions to the characters, I thought I’d ask them a few quick questions about why they preferred one character over the other.

Laurie: What drew you to Jason?

Jason is not your typical bad boy (take it from me, I like nice guys). He broods, he drinks, he acts out, and yet he's never another angst-ridden paranormal guy. He's a jackass, but he's THAT boy: the one who makes you feel everything all over, who makes you laugh and cry more than anyone else can, sometimes at the exact same time. You'll find yourself wanting to kiss him and slap him all at the same time, so drawn in, so repulsed, you don't know what you're feeling anymore...he's the hot to Mac's cold and the Yin to her Yang.

But back off, ladies. I'm the Original Jason fangirl.

Jamie: Why did you think Kyle Is a better fit for Mac?

Because he's not a selfish, spoiled rich kid like another certain someone who thinks he's all that...not naming any names...ason-Jay. Kyle truly, madly, deeply cares for Mac.

Laurie: What three words best describe Jason?

Consumed, broken, stealth-sexy

Jamie: One quality that you associate with Kyle?

Just one? Ugh...okay...loyalty--no, wait. Fierce-snuggly. NO. Heartbreaking sensitivity. Yeah. I'm going with that one. Sensitivity. Smexy sensitivity.

Thanks, guys!
Jamie Blair's fantastic book, Leap of Faith, debuts 2013. You can find her on Twitter @JamieMBlair. Laurie Devore crafts beautiful angst in prose form (seriously, her sentences and descriptions twist me up in jealous knots). You can find her on Twitter @laurie_devore.

* Debra Driza was Hemlock’s other early beta. I didn’t ask her any questions because she seemed to like both boys just fine.


Kathleen Peacock is a semi-reformed vampire addict and unapologetic geek who has taken to writing about werewolves. Her debut, HEMLOCK, will be published by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, in Summer 2012. Visit her website at

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  1. Ooooh, you've piqued my interest in both boys. Can't wait to read!