Friday, August 19, 2011

What's on Your Nightstand #9

Zoraida Cordova: I'm flipping through EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES by Tom Robbins. He's my life and writing guru.

Laura Ellen: I just finished PRETTY CROOKED by our own Elisa Ludwig, and I absolutely loved it. Willa Fox is a strong, hilarious character and the book left me in desperate need to read book 2!

Suzanne Lazear: I recently finished Syrie James' NOCTURNE. It was a very quick read and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Elisa Ludwig: Laura, do you take Visa? ;) Anyway, my book of the moment is BEAUTY QUEENS by Libba Bray. Just digging in, but after seeing her at SCBWI I'm extra-excited to read this book. And, not to be shallow, but could the cover be any more awesome?

Nicole Maggi: I just started IMAGINARY GIRLS by Nova Ren Suma, whom I saw on a panel at SCBWI. The writing is lush and lyrical...right up my alley!

Danny Marks: I'm just finishing up Tess Hilmo's debut MG novel WITH A NAME LIKE LOVE. A
murder mystery set amongst tent revivalists in 1957. I'll be interviewing Tess for the Apocalypsies blog (expect that next month when her FANTASTIC book hits the shelves!). It's not often that I get to sneak in some adult memoir, but I've been listening to audiobooks on my walks and downloaded Jen Lancaster's MY FAIR LAZY. I'm sure I'll be laughing hysterically on the sidewalks of my hood. Straightjackets are in my future.

Eve Marie Mont: In the last few weeks, I zipped through HEX HALL and DEMONGLASS, and I am now a huge fan of Rachel Hawkins. Somehow she manages to balance a zinging plot with tons of tension, characters I adored, and laugh-out-loud wit. When I discovered that SPELL BOUND doesn't come out until next spring, I picked up Kiersten White'sPARANORMALCY. I am only about thirty pages in, but Evie is adorable and spunky, and the bevy of creatures she deals with are sating my appetite for all things paranormal and fun.

Gina Rosati: I read an ARC of Sarvenaz Tash's brilliant MG adventure, THE MAPMAKER AND THE GHOST - Sarvenaz has channeled her inner tween and managed the difficult task of appealing to both boys and girls, plus librarians and teachers will love how she tucks little bits of history and wisdom into the story, too! I also read Sarah Ockler's TWENTY BOY SUMMER because once I find out a book has been banned (especially in Republic MO) I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and I LOVE this beautifully written story and all it teaches us about grief and moving on (I shall rant more about the banning of this book in a different venue!!!) and since I'm on vacation, I also read and can't wait for the sequel to WILDEFIRE by Karsten Knight (not just a fellow New Englander, but he grew up less than 15 miles from me, so I shall have to stalk him at our next NESCBWI conference if he's there.) NOW I am reading (and loving!!!) BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver, so if you'll excuse me ...

Jessica Spotswood: I'm reading our own Kristen Simmons' ARTICLE 5 and it is AMAZING: gripping, chilling, and generally unputdownable. It's a fascinatingly frightening dystopia and I am invested. The relationship between Ember and Chase is fraught and heartbreaking and completely believable. I'm so worried for Ember! I can't wait to find time this afternoon to curl up and finish.

What's on your nightstand this week? Chime in with a comment!


  1. Article 5 sounds great. I have My Soul to Keep on my nightstand right now. Things aren't looking so good for Kaylee. If she makes it out in one peace, she might be single after what her boyfriend Nash did. Looking forward to finding out and I hope all of you enjoy your reads :-)

  2. Oh, I really like the Soul Screamers series! I'm a big Tod fan, although I haven't read the newer novella yet.