Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Support

I'm not talking about the latest miracle bra from Vicky's Secret. I'm talking about the greatest weapon your protagonist can ask for: a good supporting character.

The funny thing about Heroes is they can't do it all themselves. I don't know when the last time you saved the world, but when I tried single-handedly, I lost and became an Upper East Side recluse. Why? Because I stopped shopping at Victoria's Secret and because I didn't have anyone to show me what I was doing wrong/point out the obvious.

It takes a lot to look like this at the end of fighting the good fight. But my friend Sailor Moon always seems to do it. Without her trusty talking guardian cat, Luna, young Sailor Moon would be beheading herself with her fancy tiara throwing.

Not all support systems come in the shape of cats. Some are in the shapes of robots. I know everyone praises Han Solo for being a bad ass addition to Luke's mission. (And by praise, I mean develop unhealthy obsessions about romance based on Harrison Fords best role ever.) The one I should be crushing on is R2-D2 because he always took care of bidness.

From cats, to droids, to finally a human being, my favorite supporting character is Xander Harris. The world owes Xander more than an eye. More than an ex-demon ex-girlfriend. More than a date with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because while Angel may have been Buffy's ONE TRUE LOVE, he wouldn't have been able to save her in Season one. *And if that was a spoiler because you've never seen Buffy. I don't feel sorry. Because, WERE YOU BORN UNDER THE PROVERBIAL ROCK?*

Lesson learned from minor characters that play big roles: the hero is never as strong as he seems AND when you're suddenly blessed with supernatural gifts from the universe, don't forget about your friends. They may save your life one day soon.

Still shopping at Victoria's Secret like,

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