Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Less Men, More Merry

This is not your English teacher's Robin Hood.

Okay, yes, so that's what's written on the jacket of my book, but it's so TRUE. This is not the Robin Hood story you know and love. Robin Hood is a subject of cultural fascination for decades--check out this list of pop culture references of Robin Hood--and going into this story and mucking everything up was both kind of risky, but also kind of super fun.

SCARLET's big difference from other Robin Hood stories? Where popular culture had Will Scarlet as Robin's best friend, my story alleges that Will Scarlet was always a girl, named Scarlet, and history just rewrote her into being a boy. So SCARLET tells the story history never really got right.

So yeah, if you can call Robin Hood stories a genre, this was a pretty significant departure from them. But by the same token, it allowed me to play in this totally preexisting world of Medieval England, replete with King Richard the Lionheart, medieval fashion, nobility, swords, and the occasional Arabic influence from the mythic Holy Land. And it allowed me to approach it through the eyes of a really tough girl, a perspective the Robin Hood story has really lacked.

As a kid, I always loved the Robin Hood stories and every iteration of them, but I had a hard time imagining myself into them. I wanted to be Robin, but I was a girl. I think Scarlet is the rare character I would have loved to dream myself into as a kid, and that's, ultimately, what prompted me to write it from that perspective.

The tough thing about writing in a genre or niche that already exists like this is that I just really hope I did it justice and can engage -- and not piss off -- those people who already feel really passionate about Robin Hood and his band. And hopefully they can make a little room for SCARLET!

(And, because this is news within the past couple days, I just HAVE to post my cover on here!!)

There's a trailer, too, but you can check that out over here.


  1. I love the idea of Will Scarlet being a girl and history made him a dude. Can't wait to read it - and I love the cover :)

  2. I love how the cover makes me think of the time period Robin Hood existed in. And she has gorgeous eyes. Congrats!!

  3. I can't wait to read Scarlet! You must have a blast at King Richard's Faire :)